For NHS EMERGENCY out of hours, call: 111

How DentistMK is handling Covid19.

During this National Lockdown will still be open as usual. There is no restriction with regards to medical and dental treatment, and you are actively advised to keep attending appointments.

We have all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), even going above the recommended requirements and we follow high standards in cross infection control as always.Upon booking and confirming appointment as patients you are asked relevant Covid relating questions to ensure it is appropriate for you to be attending appointments.

Our staff also has a policy to work to in regards to their own health upon entering and leaving the practise.

Many patients have already had appointments and will know there are extensive measures already in place, they would agree that dental practises are one of the safest places.

Not only as a company but an industry we run with extremely tight cross-infection policies, and dealing with diseases, viruses, and health conditions has always been a part of our job and always will be. Dental professionals spend years studying and covering all these areas and continue to keep updated with regular training and refreshment learning.

We are a safe place and your care and safety in important to us.