For NHS EMERGENCY out of hours, call: 111

During these uncertain times it is understandable that your anxieties might be heightened when visiting then dentist, but we are here to put your mind at rest.

Here are some things to remember.

Firstly the dental industry has extremely tight cross-infection policies, and dealing with diseases, viruses, and health conditions has always been a part of our job and always will be. There for you will always find the dentist the be a clean and safe environment.
All our policies and procedures are in place to keep both yourself but also us safe. These are reviewed and updated as necessary to comply with guidelines and legislation.

Secondly, follow the advice of the team to avoid any unnecessary risks. 

  • Arrive on time for your appointment not early, enough time is given for any paperwork etc.
  • Where possible come alone to your appointment and if you do need someone to attend with you ,this should be someone from your household or bubble.
  • Wear your mask or other face covering
  • Sanitise your hands upon entering the practise
  • Keep your distance  from others where possible 
  • If the waiting room seems busy wait outside until it is quieter.
  • Do not book and attend appointment if you have had any symptoms, concerns or contact with Covid in the past 2 weeks.

Finally try arrange your appointment as a time that works for your lifestyle. If you are a very anxious patient an appointment at the end of the day may not be the best solution as you will worry about attending all day, try booking earlier in the morning so you can enjoy the rest of the day.